If you haven’t considered or are on the fence about hiring a professional to make your event space more magical, consider these ten reasons of why you should hire a lighting & decor specialist.

  1. You can let the DJ focus on the entertainment.
  2. Your wedding planner has too many other tasks.
  3. A string of holiday lights is not the same as a professionally lit space.
  4. Creative lighting will enhance your event’s atmosphere.
  5. Professional lighting is sophisticated, classy, and beautiful.
  6. Your lighting and decor specialist can help you customize your lighting display so it complements your event theme and color scheme.
  7. Your lighting and decor specialist brings solid technical experience and design technique to architecturally highlight the venue and focus on details that you need on your special day.
  8. With lighting technology constantly changing, we evolve in our designs as well.
  9. Your beautiful floral arrangements and table decor will be properly lit for all to see.
  10. Your video and photos will come out so much better.

Lighting and Design By Scott is a Denver-based full-service production, design, and entertainment company that combines passion with production expertise to tell your event’s story through lighting and decor. Coming from a rich theater background including Broadway shows such as Hairspray and Women in Black, owner Scott Hittelman is equipped to animate your event through his enthusiasm and industry knowledge.